An Update on My Case: Relevant Medical Notes

by Reidar Visser

I’m writing this because the mistreatment that I suffer at the hands of Norwegian police operating abroad has worsened significantly in recent weeks, to the point where I fear my health is at a breaking point. For more than a year now I have suffered in silence, concentrating on my own projects instead of complaining about the police’s mistreatment, but after the recent severe intensification of the mistreatment I have no other choice than to do this. I consider my life to be in immediate danger and I want there to be at least a record of what has happened.

As outlined previously, the operation against me consists of two very different elements. Firstly, there is the public aspect, which consists of various forms of theatrical stalking in public areas in which the general public is invited to take part. This is just a gimmick that has no real impact on my situation anymore and that probably accounts for less than 1 per cent of the total activities of the operation, but it is probably useful for the police in order to give them a cover-up for the more sinister activities that form the second and most important aspect of the operation: Systematic sleep deprivation and torture with the use of electromagnetic devices.

Whereas I have previously focused on describing element number one simply because it is the one that is best known by a large number of potential witnesses, it is this second and secret dimension that has changed radically over recent weeks. The use of electromagnetic devices was started in the Netherlands on a daily basis in late June 2012. When I was in New Zealand from July 2012 to March 2013, I was mostly allowed reasonable amounts of sleep and the use of the device was of limited extent and intensity. After I came to the UK in April 2013, a pattern whereby I was completely sleep deprived every other night was in force for long periods, and continued when I travelled to the Republic of Ireland in December 2013. Since February this year, about the time I began writing more about Iraq again because of the elections, the main problem has been the extreme force and brutality with which the device is used, making it likely that severe physical injury is likely to ensue soon (I’m already experiencing deteriorating vision). We have lately reached the point where the operation has the character of attempted murder rather than simple persecution and torture. As the cumulative effect of the constant sleep deprivation over a period of more than 3 years kicks in, I have less and less physical energy to move away when the attacks commence. Remember that since February 2013 alone I have been deprived of an average of 4 hours a sleep every day for more than 400 nights, equalling 1,600 hours or 66 days (more than 2 months) of consecutive sleep.

I am aware that, to the uninitiated, what I describe may sound like an obvious psychological disorder, but there are some very clear logical inconsistencies in the semi-official narrative of the police operation that should raise eyebrows at least among those who live in the affected areas and know about the more theatrical stalking activities. Above all this relates to nightly activities and my choice of places to stay. If the operation was mainly about social stalking, why wouldn’t I simply move to a peaceful remote place and live quietly there? (I have tried that, in New Zealand.) Also, why am I not complaining primarily about social harassment but about nightly disturbances, at times of the day when few members of the public are even awake? Taxi drivers and hotel staff in places like Richmond (London, UK) and Portmarnock (County Fingal, Republic of Ireland) can testify to the fact that for the past year I have in long periods been sleep deprived systematically, often travelling to airports during the night to get away from electromagnetic harassment at the hotels. Why would I seek nightly access to such busy social spaces if the stalking was the main problem? Why was it that later on, in early March this year, I slept better during a short visit to war-torn Baghdad than in the most peaceful locations in Ireland? The answer is of course that in Baghdad my persecutors were themselves a little stretched thin, probably not revealing to their Iraqi counterparts the full details of the electromagnetic torture and therefore unable to do the nightshifts they had done in Europe. However, the fact that they were able to operate at all meant that the sum of other problems with respect to living in Iraq made it impossible for me to try that for a longer period.

I can only speculate about the reason for the recent extreme escalation, which comes without any change on part of my behaviour or any public criticism of the operation. However, it is increasingly clear to me that in pursuing me internationally for more than 3 years, the goal of the Norwegian police  has been not only to expel me from my home country or the entire EU, but quite possibly to execute me extra-judicially or try to force me to commit suicide (something I will never do). The best proof of this is that they decided to follow me to Iraq. If they decide to follow me to Iraq, one of the world’s most dangerous places, it me, it means they will go everywhere on the planet, and that – apart from the operation’s own self-perpetuation – its only remaining possible goal is to eliminate me.

In light of this and with dramatic intensification of mistreatment over recent work no other choice but to put on the record medical information relevant to my case. It should be stressed that Norwegian police probably went in and out as they pleased in my apartment in Oslo before February 2011, and that they were given access to my flat in the Netherlands from January to July 2012, providing them with a theoretical possibility to poison me via foodstuffs at any time. However, given the nature of my symptoms, it seems reasonable to focus on injections and dental work in the period preceding the problems. I have described the procedures I consider potentially relevant below. Of course, nothing in this should be construed in any shape or form as an accusation against the health personnel involved. Rather, these are clues that may be used to guide an independent investigation if something serious should happen to my health in order that every possible lead gets exhausted.

-Annual flu vaccinations, mostly done at private hospitals in Oslo (Fredrik Stang and Volvat).

-Temporary root canal completed in June 2009 at a private dentist in Oslo, Hilde Loevlie Abry. Usual local anaesthetics. Follow-up treatment delayed during the swine flu epidemic in autumn 2009.

-Permanent root canal completed in August 2010 at a private dentist in Oslo, Lars Doeving. Finalization of previous treatment. Recovery was unremarkable.

-Anal injection of Botox in March 2012 at a public hospital in Leiden, Netherlands (Diaconessen). Treatment for anal fissure following digestive problems when Norwegian police began sleep-depriving me in February 2011. On arrival to doctor’s office where the doctor (Tjon Lim Sang) and the nurse (A van der Willigen) were present, the injection substance was already loaded into a syringe, with no opportunity for me to verify its content. The doctor explained this with reference to austerity measures at the hospital whereby Botox injections were administered in batches to several patients who all received injections from a larger and hence cheaper container. When I turned off my mobile to avoid disturbances during the procedure , the doctor chuckled and asked whether I was going to take any pictures. After the injection there was no immediate improvement with respect to the fissure and severe anal bleeding ensued a couple of days later. It should be mentioned also that, generally speaking, a high number of the staff at the hospital cooperated enthusiastically with the softer aspects of the police operation, yelling “have a nice day” (the signature greeting of the police) to each other at all times. I eavesdropped on the conversation two of them had in Dutch after they had engaged in some intense “ have a nice day” exchanges and heard one of them say, “ you know, we’ve got to help the police”.
-Second anal injection of Botox at same hospital in July 2012. Subsequent to this injection, the fissure improved significantly.

Again, nothing in this is intended as an accusation of criminality on anyone. If nothing happens to me, this note is of no relevance. However, my point in doing this is that if something should happen to me, this information should be considered, of course without prejudice in any shape or form or without usurping the presumption of innocense for anyone. I have no known diseases that would be likely to bring about a sudden deterioration of my health and because of two chronic but mild diseases (asthma and ulcerative proctitis) I have been subjected to a good deal of medical testing previously. I will do my best to continue to cover the Iraq elections, but I’m not optimistic about my health prognosis.