Police Stalking: What You Need To Know If It Goes On Where You Live

by Reidar Visser

If something reminiscent of police stalking goes on where you live, consider the following:

-In a democratic rule of law society, apart from imposing limited fines, the police has no right to punish anyone without reference to the judiciary.

-The unlawfulness of police-directed punishments of citizens is what makes the West different from full blown police states like North Korea. When the police uses stalking as punishment, the differences between democratic and non-democratic countries get blurred.

-In a police stalking situation, the only criminals are the police themselves and any citizens they may succeed in luring into participating with them. If the police could have gone after the stalking victim legally, they would have done so.

-In most countries, any attempt by police officers to instigate intimidation of a person will be punishable by law, either as harassment, stalking or psychological torture.

-Participation of citizens in (police) stalking is punishable by law in most Western countries. Countries that have specific legislation to stalking or harassment that applies equally to police stalking include the Netherlands, Italy, Belgium, the UK, Australia and New Zealand. In most of these countries, assisting the police with any kind of intimidation directed at a fellow citizen is punishable with jail if it happens more than once, typically with maximum sentences of 2-3 years imprisonment. It is immaterial whether the act in itself is perfectly innocuous as long as it is directed against someone else and is part of a wider pattern.

-Always remember that the main part of the police stalking operation takes place away from the public gaze, and often consists of extreme sleep deprivation and other forms of physical torture. The part played by the general public is just for show; the operation goes on 24/7 and the truly dirty work is done behind the scenes.

-Remember also that, sadly, states with the most pristine uniformed constabularies sometimes have the most savage and barbaric undercover police.

-If someone you believe is a victim of a police stalking operation dies unexpectedly, demand an autopsy. European undercover police officers participating in stalking operations are using electroshocks and other unconventional methods. Such renegade police officers are currently operating with impunity outside their own jurisdictions, including in a number of Asian countries.

-If you become aware of a police stalking situation, try to contact the victim. Given the extreme asymmetry of power in police stalking cases, victims depend upon witnesses to stop the illegal harassment.

-The crime with the greatest potential to undermine a liberal society is that which is carried out in the name of law enforcement. To defend the rule of law and liberal democracy, reject police stalking.